We specialize in simple clear cut packages, with no frills hosting for the budding engineer, trainee, or enthusiast needing to make a WWW mark. 

We have packages to suit everyone. You choose and then sit back we purchase your domain, move it, set it up and deal with the messy complex tasking issues if you have any. Using worldwide accredited Nominet and ACCAN recommended Europe registry to manage domains and give you the most cost effective pricing to match your budget. Together following the rules setup by ICANN.org we make sure your safe and looked after.

Our customer service is the best you will get in the UK, humans every time. 

We are fully GDPR compliant and safe to use. We use Europereg to control your DNS and domains Ideally because they are 23/hrs ahead so propagation is much quicker. 
We also use Squidhosts / TSO hosting with a combination of other providers, we have tried all of the big boys, 123 reg, Fasthosts, 1and1, BT, SMS, and many others they have all failed us and you way too many times and clearly do not care. We invited every single Director and manager over 18 years to come and defend themselves. You can obviously imagine how many took us up on the offer. We understand their processes and how complex they make your problems at a time you don’t need it.

If you do not believe us click and we’ll email or call you back with what we can do for you.
  Just click here. 

Call our sales customer service line 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday 01473 404007. 

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